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Superb Parrot

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Superb Parrot

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The Superb Parrot, Polytelis swainsonii, is a small and graceful parrot with brightly coloured red, green, yellow and blue feathers. It lives in south-eastern Australia in the Riverina area of New South Wales and Victoria, and in winter it migrates to northern New South Wales.

The Superb Parrot is listed as a vulnerable species in the ACT and NSW and is protected nationally and internationally. Land clearing has destroyed much of the habitat they need to nest in.

Superb Parrots feed mainly on the ground during early mornings and late afternoons. They forage for food with family members or in small flocks of up to thirty birds. Superb Parrots enjoy eating the seeds of grasses and plants, fruits, berries, nectar, flowers and some insects.

Superb Parrots also search for food in shrubs and trees, and build their nests using wood dust in the hollows of mature or dead trees.

Try to plant native trees in your backyard for Superb Parrots to munch on. Also leave any mature or dead trees standing, especially large, tall gum trees and eucalypts. These are Superb Parrots favourite nesting trees, and it takes about 100 years for a gum tree to develop the deep hollows that Superb Parrots need.

Superb Parrots usually build their nests very close to water. Many pairs choose a tree with branches that overhang a river.

Although this may be difficult to achieve in your backyard, you can still help Superb Parrots by placing some clean, fresh water in a dish in your backyard.

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