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  • Little Penguin

    Little Penguin
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    Little Penguins are also called fairy penguins. They are the smallest type of penguin in the world.

    They weigh just 1 kg and are only 30–40 cm tall. While excellent swimmers, they cannot fly.

    Often they have the same mate for life. Both parents feed and care for the young, who leave the nest at 7–9 weeks and live for up to 7 years.

    There is a colony of Little Penguins living in the middle of Sydney – at Manly.

    Little Penguins come ashore to breed, raise chicks and moult. They nest in burrows or among rocks on the harbour foreshores at Manly – sometimes even in people’s backyards or under houses.

    You can see them from a boat or the Manly ferry as they swim and fish around the harbour. You may even see them at the beach. And, if you’re quiet, you may hear them calling with a short sharp bark – or even making growling noises.