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    The bilby, also known as the Greater Bilby, is a medium sized marsupial with large rabbit-like ears. It has blue-grey fur with a long tail that is black with a white tip. They have poor eyesight, but a keen sense of smell along with great hearing.

    Bilbies are nocturnal, foraging for food after dark. They are omnivores that have long snouts with long, slender tongues which they use to dig up plant roots, bulbs, fungi, grass seeds, termites, ants, beetles, insect larvae and spiders. The bilby gets most of its water from its food, meaning that it can survive in habitats where there is no free-standing water.

    Bilbies have strong forelimbs and claws that help them build extensive tunnels, which provide shelter for the bilby from predators and intense heat. A single bilby may have up to 12 burrows at once, which measure at about 3m long and 2m deep.