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Blog Post - Community stocks Koala larder

Over 140 volunteers plant over 3200 seedlings including 300 koala food source trees across 3 parklands at 5 events in 4 months thanks to the supporters of FNPW’s Plant a Tree for Me! Initiative.  

Blog Post - Anne-Sophie and Marie-Christine’s fundraising inspiration. What can you do?

Making a donation is a wonderful way to support Australian conservation. Raising funds through your own event or initiative is also an amazing way to contribute. For a little inspiration, check out this fantastic fundraising effort from two of Manly’s sweetest girls.  

Blog Post - Helpful Things You Can Do To Save our Turtles

Turtles are some of the oldest living creatures on earth, many of their species are endangered. We want you to help these creatures to survive. Armed with knowledge and passion for these gentle animals, we can come together to preserve turtle species. So what can you do? 

Blog Post - Motion Sensing Cameras

Have you ever wondered what marsupials visit at night while you are asleep or birds stop by during the day when you are not home? There is a very fun and exciting way to find out. 

Blog Post - Protecting NSW’s Last Little Penguins

Since 2003, the Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife has assisted the conservation of the Manly Little Penguins. I’ve been working with them a long time and I’m so proud that we’ve made a real impact to help the penguins.