Backyard Buddies

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The Backyard Buddies initiative supports & encourages people in built up and suburban arears to do their bit and help provide vital native habitat in their backyard.

Backyard Buddies provides environmental information and advice to support students, families and communities to become involved and active in their backyard and support conservation projects across Australia.

Backyard Buddies is the only national backyard wildlife appreciation program in Australia. 

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Each two months, FNPW creates and emails out B-mail - a completely free e-newsletter that raises awareness about native plants and animals you are likely to see in your backyard.

B-mail promotes awareness of and involvement in biodiversity conservation at a local level. It encourages readers to enjoy native species in the urban environment, and make their backyards and local areas safe and inviting for urban wildlife.

B-mail is a positive, easy to understand community education tool. It speaks to individual readers and provides them with simple ways to be a part of a larger environmental solution.