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Most Australian wildlife rescue and care is done by hardworking volunteers. In NSW alone, more than 5,500 people give their time, money and love to Australian animals in need.



Koala and joey. Photo credit: Alison Boyer


Wildlife volunteers in NSW are heroes that rescue around 104,000 sick and injured animals every year. They rescue and care around the clock – rain, hail or shine. There are no public holidays for wildlife carers. The value of their contribution is estimated to be $27 million annually.

They are heroes that answer nearly 180,000 phone calls each year, assisting members of the public at all times of the day and night.

A recent survey conducted by the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service identified the greatest needs and challenges in the wildlife volunteering sector.

A $1.47 million grant from the NSW Environmental Trust will fund the Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife’s Wildlife Heroes project, to respond to those challenges.

The project will ensure wildlife volunteers get the help they need, so they can continue providing the best care for our amazing native wildlife.

The Wildlife Heroes project will run over 3 years and aims to:


Further information on the Wildlife Heroes project.

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