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Habitat for Small Birds

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Habitat for Small Birds

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By making your garden a friendly place for small birds, you will create a good habitat for them to live, feed and nest in.

Making your patch a thriving place also helps to reconnect habitats across the landscape. This means that when small birds fly from place to place in search of food, shelter and nesting trees, they have an easier task ahead of them.

Making your backyard into a safe and friendly place will help more small birds overall to survive.

With a few simple steps, you can transform your garden into a small bird paradise.

Double-barred Finch
Eastern Spinebill
Eastern Yellow Robin
Superb Fairy Wrens

Be a Backyard Buddy

When you look out your windows, what do you see? Too often, the answer is Indian Mynas, Noisy Miners, or only a few types of birds.

This is because the manicured gardens we have in our suburbs encourage those birds. Mynas love areas with open spaces, like lawns or paved areas without many plants, or with only a few tall trees scattered around. Sound familiar?

These common, suburban gardens don't provide the habitat that small birds need. They don't have an understory or many plants of different heights and densities for smaller birds to hide in, and so they easily get chased out of the area by more aggressive birds like Mynas.

But you can help! Let's get started.

You don't need to dig up the whole garden and start again.

You can simply make a few additions to fill up your garden a bit more, and make it more suitable for small birds.

Click to watch a video about gardening for small birds from Birds in Backyards.

Small birds need:

Try to:


Some common small birds include:

Be a backyard buddy

It’s easy. All you have to do is care... and take a few simple steps. Backyard Buddies are the native plants and animals that share our urban areas, waterways, backyards and parks.  Backyard Buddies are also the people who value native wildlife and want to protect it.

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