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Blog Post - Getting the Buzz on Bees

There has been a lot of buzz about the importance of bees! The decline in bee numbers around the world has caused a hive of activity around bee populations and their relationship to both our native vegetation and our agriculture. They pollinate plants that are important to our environment like bottle brush and silky oak and many that are essential food resources across the country and the planet.  

Blog Post - Walk the Path to a Cultural Understanding

Cultural Walk – Sydney Harbour National Park, 5 May 2018

Walk with us from Bradleys Head to Middle Head and experience the continuous Cultural significance of place. At Middle Head enjoy a Cultural festival, bush tucker and an exhibition of contemporary Aboriginal Art.

Beginning with Ceremony at Bradleys Head, walkers will set out along the path stopping at significant places where young Tribal Warrior leaders have created interpretive signs. At each stop the young guides will share stories of historic encounters, Aboriginal art, language and food. The walk will end at Middle Head for a Cultural celebration and festival with a Smoking Ceremony, dance, bush tucker and art exhibition.

Presented by Tribal Warrior partnership with the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service, this event aims to share the history and contemporary life of Aboriginal Sydney. All funds raised will go towards Tribal Warrior’s training of young people towards employment in tourism.

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