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Stop Birds Attacking Windows

Photo: Rosie Nicolai

Stop Birds Attacking Windows

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Birds sometimes attack windows and especially tinted glass, by pecking or striking them. This is usually because they can see their own reflection, and think it is a challenger for their territory.

Birds such as the Laughing Kookaburra, Little Raven, Grey Butcherbird and the Australian Magpie-lark have been seen to do this.

Birds may dive at a window because they can see another window through the glass and think that there is a clear flight path to travel through.

It can be quite distressing when birds hit against your windows. They can injure or stun themselves and leave themselves vulnerable to predators and can even damage fly screens or windows.

But there is a lot you can do to stop birds from attacking your windows, so that you can live happily side by side.

Remove the launch pad

Check the light situation

Remove reflections

Block the flight path

Avoid feeding

Get creative

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