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Help Buddies Beat the Heat


Help Buddies Beat the Heat

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Bushfires and heatwaves are often synonymous with the Australian summer. While you take shelter in an air-conditioned building and cool down with a glass of ice water, spare a thought for the native animals that live near you.

Bats, possums, birds and many other animals can become dehydrated or die due to extremely hot weather. The easiest thing you can do to help your local animals is to provide them with a water source.

Before you go to work or school each morning, fill a shallow dish with water. Place it in a shady spot in the backyard next to some shrubs or bushes, so that it has some protection from predators and doesn't heat up too much.

When you get home, use the leftover water on your garden, and place fresh water out again each day.

Not only will native birds, lizards, bugs and other animals be able to get a drink, but if they are extremely hot, they can always climb in and splash around to cool down.

Keep your cat indoors as the hot weather forces wildlife out of their trees and hollows and onto the ground, making them more vulnerable to cat attacks.

if you see a native bird or animal really under stress from the heat, it's a good idea to call someone. You can ring a wildlife carer, a local vet, your local council, or the state's environment department for help.

Click to find out contact details for your local wildlife careror use this searchable wildlife carer database.

Tips for Helping Wildlife during Bushfires and Heatwaves

Some signs that your local wildlife is stressed include:

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