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Purple Pea Bush


Purple Pea Bush

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Purple Pea Bush, Hovea acutifolia, is a native Australian shrub that grows between 1 to 4 metres tall and is covered in masses of purple flowers during winter and spring. The branches are covered in dense hairs and the seeds “pop” out.

It grows on the central eastern coast, from south-east Queensland to the NSW central coast. It can be easily grown in a garden as long as it has well-drained soil and partial shade. It prefers its natural humid rainforest-like conditions but has adapted well to temperate and sub-tropical environments. It is very popular in Brisbane backyards.

As well as being a beautiful and colourful addition to your garden, the Purple Pea Bush also attracts some friendly visitors. Bees, including native bees, see purple better than any other colour so will zero in on your pea bush. It is a dense bush that will provide small native birds with protection from predators and shelter from the weather and attracts insects for them to feed on.

Very hardy, the Pea Bush will nicely fill a shady spot in your garden with its green foliage and then burst into a riot of colour from mid-winter, just in time for the Spring bees to arrive.


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