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Persoonias are part of the Proteaceae plant family. There are many species that grow all over Australia.

This plant is known by some strange common names - in Eastern Australia they are called Geebungs and in Western Australia and South Australia they have the less flattering name Snottygobbles.

Almost 100 different species of these tall shrubs or small trees exist across Australia.

Many different native bees will help pollinate the flowers of your Persoonia. Some of these bees, especially the Colletidae, are completely devoted to this one plant and are rarely unfaithful.

The fleshy Persoonia fruits develop throughout February and attract possums, wallabies and large birds including Pied Currawongs, which help disperse the seeds.

Parrots eat the unripe fruit before they are fully developed but the seeds they eat will not germinate.

Persoonias are not easy to grow in your backyard so if you already have one, you are lucky. They are hard to grow from seed and cuttings - an established plant from a native nursery might be your best chance to lure some native bees and parrots to your garden.

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