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Christmas Bells

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Christmas Bells

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Christmas Bells, Blandfordia, grow in New South Wales and Queensland.

True to their name, Christmas Bells have beautiful yellow flowers just like bells, or sometimes red flowers with lovely yellow tips.

Christmas Bells flower during late spring and summer. The different species have different soil and climate requirements - Blandfordia grandiflora likes sandy soil with full sunlight and frequent watering while Blandfordia noblis will tolerate partial shade as well as full sun. There is sure to be one that will thrive in your garden.

Honeyeaters and other nectar loving birds, bees, butterflies and insects are all attracted to this plant during the flowering period. When not in flower, the small leaves can make it disappear in a crowded garden, and in pots they can resemble weeds – but don't throw them away, they will flower again the following spring.

Christmas Bells that grow in the wild do not flower as well as those cultivated and sold in nurseries. The only time wild plants flower well is after a fire, as they have an underground rhizome which helps them recover quickly after being burnt. 

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