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B-mail May 2018

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Strong But Sensitive Wallabies

Wallabies are marsupials that belong to the animal group Macropods, which means 'large footed'. Other macropods include kangaroos, pademelons, wallaroos and tree-kangaroos. There are about 30 wallaby species in Australia.



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Silent Assassin

Owls are excellent hunters and can even catch prey in complete darkness. Their flight is completely soundless, so their prey doesn't have a chance of escape.

The Australian Barn Owl, Tyto alba, lives all across Australia.

Their calls vary from a breathy hiss to an unearthly shriek, and they will snap and clack their beaks during mating and threat displays. They sleep in well camouflaged spots during the day, so the rare call of the owl may be your only indication that one is living near you.

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Spinning a Web of Deception 

Almost every house or shed in Australia has been home to the messy, tangled web of the Daddy-long-legs, especially as the weather begins to cool towards winter and the spiders seek warmth indoors. We remove them regularly on the end of a broom and put them outside, but somehow, they always manage to find their way back in again.

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Here's How You Can Help This Little Buddy

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