Backyard Buddies

Photo: Australian Geographic

B-mail March 2019

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Illawarra Flame Tree

Also going by the name "Currajong", Illawarra Flame Trees grow up to 35m in the wild but only about 10m in gardens. It is a deciduous tree that does not always flower annually, often saving its best display for the months following a hot dry summer... read more

Night Heron

If you live in an area that has received a lot of rain in recent times, you might be lucky enough to see a Nankeen Night Heron feeding at night. These imperious birds follow the rains around the country, stopping off wherever there's the promise of fish, frogs and beetles in the local waterways... read more

Stag Beetle

Male Stag Beetles are easy to recognise because they have a great big jaw, like a pincer. The females can be a little trickier to spot. Many types of Stag Beetle are brown or black, but there are also a few really beautiful species, like the Rainbow Stag Beetle, that are very colourful... read more

Help Us Connect To Protect Native Animals

Right now, FNPW is raising money to help reconnect healthy habitats in our Big Backyard. Watch this video to find out more about the K2W wildlife corridor initiative, a large-scale community conservation project that stretches from the towering eucalypts and ravines of Kanangra-Boyd National Park in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales to a place called Wyangala.

Learn how you can help Connect to Protect vulnerable animals such as koalas, quolls and gliders... click here to donate to this appeal.

Thank you for caring about Australia's precious landscapes and wildlife!