Backyard Buddies

About BYB & FNPW

History of BYB & FNPW

The Backyard Buddies program was originally developed by the NSW National Parks & Wildlife Service (NPWS) in response to social research by Ian Woolcott BSc et al, called 'Urban Wildlife Renewal – Growing Conservation in Urban Communities' (November 2002).

This research revealed that only a fifth of urban respondents would be interested in being involved in initiatives to conserve native plants and animals. According to the research, however, conservation behaviours that are simple to incorporate into daily life are the most likely to be adopted. This is why Backyard Buddies was started - to provide simple tips for you to help your buddies.

In 2007, Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife took over the program to make sure that future generations were engaged, involved and learn about our unique wilderness & wildlife.